Welcome to HHS

Hagerty High School
3225 Lockwood Blvd.
Oviedo, FL 32765

Main Numbers:
407-871-0750 voice
407-871-0749 fax

Dr. Mary Williams (407) 871-0700

Assistant Principals:
Brian Blasewitz (407) 871-0729
Christy Bryce (407) 871-0702
Gisela Cotto (407) 871-0705
Michael Howard  (407) 871-0876
Jesse Walker (407) 871-0703

School Administrative Manager:
Camille Cassara (407) 871-0714

Dr. Paula Cruickshank (407) 871-0708
Brett Hamilton (407) 871-0718

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

By working together to create a tradition of excellence, we the faculty of Hagerty High School believe that all students can learn at their highest achievement level.


Mission Statement

Hagerty High School will provide a learning environment that prepares students to think critically, act responsibly and perform successfully while becoming lifelong learners and responsible citizens in a technological and multicultural society. Since students learn differently, we will utilize creative, collaborative, and advanced instructional activities that challenge all students to grow and achieve at their highest level. 


Exam Schedule

Parking Summer Update

As of Tuesday, June 23rd, 103 parking spaces remain for purchase in the student lot.  Sales of the remaining parking spaces will occur on Monday and Tuesday (August 3rd / 4th) at the assigned times and locations.  Please note that this is a change from the listed dates and times on the application.


Monday - August 3rd - Competition Gym - Schedule Pickup - Seniors Only:  8:00AM - 11:00AM

Monday - August 3rd - Competition Gym - Schedule Pickup - Juniors Only:  12:00PM - 2:00PM

Tuesday - August 4th - Competition Gym - Schedule Pickup - Seniors/Juniors: 8:00AM - 10:00AM


Please direct any questions to either Jay Getty - Athletic Director (407.871.0790) or Laurie Kurtz - Athletic Secretary (407.871.0982).

Camps / Tryouts & More

Automated Message Error

On June 22nd an automated message intended for 30 students inadvertently went out to the entire school regarding Algebra 1 EOC scores. We sincerely apologize for this mishap. Please rest assured that the 30 families have been personally contacted. Please disregard the automated message. At this time we do not have Algebra 1 EOC results for last year's EOC test and we do not anticipate having them before school starts. Again, we sincerely apologize for any angst this may have caused. 

Senior Photos

Seniors: Remember that Dean Stewart Photography is our contracted senior photographer: You must have pictures taken with DSP to appear in the yearbook. Currently, DSP is remodeling the Longwood studio; the expected completion time is in early July. However, there is an Orlando location (and others in Central Florida) for those who want their senior pictures taken now - sign up at the website below. When seniors do have their pictures taken, there is an $11 publication fee that will be paid at the time of the appointment. Every senior will be receiving a postcard with the photo information once the Longwood studio is ready, but seniors can visit the DSP website, www.dsp-photo.com, to answer any questions.