Digital Learning

For questions, please email Lindsey Jackson, the Digital Learning Specialist!

Important Information for the 2020-21 School Year


 eCampus only adds students to courses, it doesn't remove them. Therefore, it is completely possible that you see courses on eCampus that are no longer on your schedule due to high number of schedule changes this year for the four different learning options.Please be patient while teachers work to conclude you from their courses over the next few weeks.  We typically won't do this the first 1-2 weeks of school because changes are still occurring.  

Students are only responsible for the courses that they see in Skyward. Log into Skyward to check the course name and teacher name.

eCampus itself has no effect on the Skyward gradebook or on your credits if you are not attached to the same course in Skyward. So, you could be in a course all year that isn't on your Skyward, and it won't make a difference. It is the eCampus--> Skyward connection that matters when you're enrolled in that course via Skyward.

In the meantime: You can hide a course from your Dashboard that you are no longer enrolled in. This won't stop the assignment notifications, but it will help you focus on the courses that you need.  Students are only responsible for the courses that they see in Skyward. Log into Skyward to check the course name and teacher name. You can remove courses from your eCampus Dashboard that you’re not signed up for as much as you can add the courses to your Dashboard that you are signed up for. 

Go to courses --> all courses --> removing the orange start next to courses you don't want on the Dashboard and adding orange stars next to the ones that you do want on your Dashboard. 


Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 8.30.52 PM





Official student schedules are housed in Skyward

Username: StudentNumber

Password: regular computer password

Password assistance? Click here


Troubleshooting for Webex


  • Log in 5-10 minutes before class to begin troubleshooting and read the agenda that is posted in your eCampus page. 
  • ONLY worry about audio (can you hear your teacher).  Troubleshoot that here.  

Important Note: Teachers may not hold a live lesson every day. You are still required to check in for attendance. Some teachers will pre-record lessons for BOTH Seminole Connect and face-to-face students.  Why? Did you ever want to pause and rewind your teacher growing up? Especially ones that spoke quickly or were covering difficult content. Pre-recorded or ‘flipped’ lessons are actually best practice for helping students work at their own pace. Kids can pause, take notes, do some work, and rewind whenever they need to. The best part? Both online and face-to-face kids will have their teacher completely freed up and not lecturing to help answer questions and really push the boundaries of their thinking. 

-->If you are unable to get into Webex, please visit the Family Support tile in eCampus here or call the Help Desk at 407.320.0350. Teachers are very limited with what they can do for you as far as internet and troubleshooting at home.


  • Worry about the camera or microphone. You should have both off most of the time anyway. 




Science & World Languages

World Languages
  • ALS.MS - on-line practice for fingerspelling
  • - On-line ASL learning tool
  • - An online workbook for your Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Latin language students.
  • DuoLingo - Free language education for the world
  • Signing Savvy - on-line American Sign Language Dictionary

Math & Reading






Writing Links


  • Freesound - Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.

  • Narrable - Narrable uses storytelling through images and narrations to engage students and to draw out important higher order thinking skills.
  • Online Conversions - Convert just about anything to anything else.
  • Photo Pin - Free Photos for projects
  • Soundzabound (Royalty Free Music and Sounds for School Projects)
  • - Online Presentation creator
  • United Streaming (Videos




Advanced Placement Students

Learn anything through interactive practice: College math and science, Advanced Placement®, SAT®, ACT®, GRE®, GMAT®, literature, social science, history, and more.
Hagerty AP students should get their student code from their AP teacher.

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