Lisa Gendreau




National English Honor Society

2020-2021 Officers:

Christina Montique - President 

Grace Truong– Vice President 

Tai Markman – Treasurer 

Room 2-122


Rules and Service Hours

Attendance: Mandatory. Two unexcused absences per year. If you must be absent contact Mrs. Gendreau 24 hours before the meeting (not an officer). School events, going-out-of-town, and illnesses are excused if Mrs. Gendreau is notified.

Meetings: First Thursday of every month at 3:15 via GoogleMeets (link will be provided in advance)

First Meeting: September 3.

Virtual Induction for New Members: August 27 via GoogleMeets (link will be provided in advance)

Grades: 3.5 or above in English. Grades are checked in the 1st and 3rd quarter. If your grades are not satisfactory, you will be on probation until they are raised.

Probation: If you are on probation for service hours, you must make up double the hours you missed.

Dues: $25.00 via MySchoolBucks due by October 1

Service: See ECampus/Instagram for more information

join us on instagram: username: hagertynehs