Testing Coordinator

Dickison, Po
Assessment Coordinator
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9 Week Schedules

1st Nine Weeks - Aug 17 - Oct 9

2nd Nine Weeks - Oct 12 - Dec 18

3rd Nine Week - Jan 4 - Mar 12 

4th Nine Weeks - Mar 22 - May 26


Testing Updates

Testing Updates Fall 2020:

Semester 1 Assessment Calendar


Scholar Diploma Designation EOCs

Passing scores for Geometry, US History, and Biology 1 EOC are REQUIRED to quality for the Scholar Diploma Designation. Students who were enrolled in Algebra 1 during the 2019-2020 school year may elect to take the Algebra 1 EOC or earn a concordant score on the Geometry EOC, ACT, SAT, or PSAT and still qualify for the Scholar Diploma Designation.


If you are interested in the Scholar Diploma Designation and you were enrolled in the US History, Biology, and/or Geometry course(s) last year, you are eligible to sign up for this administration of the EOCs.


If you are CURRENTLY enrolled in these courses, you will have the opportunity to test in May 2021.


FLDOE requires that all state assessments take place face-to-face on school campuses.  Hagerty High School will be administering these EOCs on our campus from November 2 - 6, 2020.


Please click here to sign up for the EOCs. This sign up closes on October 28, 2020.


Face-to-Face students participating in the 10:45AM-2:00PM session will eat lunch at 10AM. 


Click here for testing resources to help students get started in preparing for the test(s). It is not a comprehensive list, but it is a good starting point.



The Quarter 1 Exam window will run from Monday, Oct. 5th to Friday, Oct. 9th.  There are two different exam schedules to follow.  One is for Common 9-weeks assessments (C9As) which include Alg. 1, Geo., US His., Eng. 1 and Eng. 2. The other exam schedule is for every other course.  Seminole Connect students taking C9As will test online during their scheduled class time however, a working webcam is required. A mobile device with a camera that can connect to WebEx may also be used.


Exam Schedule:


Common 9-Week Assessments Info & Materials: