Cortes, Michelle

Director of Student Services & Counselor for Students N-Sc and ESOL

(407) 871-0783


Delrusso, Julie
JET Counselor
(407) 871-0970


Isaacs, Erin
Counselor for Students in ESE
(407) 871-0771


Abercrombie, Jennifer
Counselor for Students Df-H
(407) 871-0894


Kaplan, Mckenzie

 Counselor for Students A-De

(407) 871-0784


Maby, Nick
Counselor for Students I-M
(407) 871-0898

Toro, Joan
Counselor for Students Sd-Z

(407) 871-0785


Wessinger, Megan
New Horizons Counselor
(407) 871-0761



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Last names N-Z, ESOL, ESE

Former Students

SSC Dual Enrollment Transcript Request Instructions 


Dual Enrollment

Please click on the link below to download the new Dual Enrollment Form (form # 868) which must be typed. Handwritten forms will no longer be accepted.

Getting Your Materials | Form 868
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State of Florida College Information

Use the links below to research colleges in the State of Florida.
Speak with your counselor if you have any questions!


State University System of Florida

State University System University Matrix
Private Colleges and Universities of Florida
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Make an Appointment

Parents are encouraged to email their student's counselor to schedule an appointment to ensure the counselor will be available for your visit. Parents who choose to walk in without an appointment take the risk of finding their child’s counselor unavailable or will not have sufficient time to address their concerns. Counselors do realize there are times when there will be emergencies that occur and are unexpected. However, if your concern is not urgent, we would appreciate your courtesy of creating an appointment. 


Students can stop by to see their counselors before school, during their scheduled lunch, and after school or they can sign up for an appointment with their counselor below. Appointments made during class times must have teacher permission.


Book an appointment with Mrs. Kaplan
Book an appointment with Mrs. Cortes
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